Making your aftermarket driving - fog light installation a breeze



What is a Triple Switch?

A Triple Switch is an ingeniously designed microprocessor controlled driving-fog light controller that adds a 3rd mode to your normal 2 mode high-low beam selector switch on your vehicle. This 3rd mode is typically called "Flash To Pass" and allows you to turn your aftermarket driving - fog lights on and off. Most 1992 and newer vehicles have a steering column mounted high-low beam switch. When in the low beam position you can pull the lever back towards you and this turns on the high and low headlights at the same time "Flash to Pass Mode" and this activates the Triple Switch. When you continue to hold the lever back for 2 seconds the Triple Switch uses this as the 3rd mode and turns on your driving - fog lights. When you return the lever to its normal position the low beam headlights are on as well as your driving - fog lights. Your high-low beam switch functions as normal until you pull and hold the lever back again for 2 seconds.  This time your driving - fog lights will turn off.  The Triple Switch will remember if your driving - fog lights are on or off, so the next time you turn your headlights on your driving - fog lights will be either on or off depending on how you set them.

Watch Animation To See How Triple Switch Operates

This animation shows the Triple Switch Turning accessory lighting on and off using only the high/low beam selector switch!!!

Advantages of using a triple switch when installing aftermarket accessory lighting:
  • No drilling through vehicle's firewall.
  • No ugly switch bolted to the dash of your vehicle.
  • No need to have to read or understand complicated wiring schematics.
  • Quick and painless installation of aftermarket driving lights.

I don't know about you but I almost get a little sick about the idea of drilling and chopping into my factory vehicle to install aftermarket products. The Triple Switch is a perfect solution when it comes to a clean and simple aftermarket driving - fog light installation.

How does a Triple Switch simplify aftermarket driving - fog light installations?

Installation of driving lights using Triple Switch:

There are a total 4 connections to make when you use the Triple Switch. Two of the connections go to the vehicle's battery, One connection goes to both of your driving - fog lights, the remaining connection is a plug that goes in between one of your headlamps, right or left, depending on which side of the vehicle you mount your Triple Switch.

Typical Installation of driving - fog lights:

Most aftermarket driving - fog lights use an installation kit that includes a fuse, switch, relay, wire and mounting hardware. The typical recommended installation involves drilling a hole through the vehicle's firewall to run wires to a switch that you screw into your dash. Then you have to have to find a power source, hook up a relay, find a ground for the relay and then hook up the switch.  This involves chopping into the vehicle's wiring harness or trying to stuff a fuse tap onto a fuse in the fuse box.

Will a Triple Switch fit on my vehicle?

Your vehicle must meet the following criteria:
  • Your vehicle must have a steering column mounted high-low beam selector switch. Should you have the old style high-low beam floor clicker unfortunately the Triple Switch won't work for your application.
  • Your vehicle's high-low selector switch must have a mode that allows you to engage both high and low headlights at the same time. All Ford vehicles ~1992 up have this option.
  • Your vehicle must use the following type of headlamps:  H6054, 9003/HB2, 9004, 9007, 9008

    Vehicle Applications:

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